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Pixel Perfect Web Design

Hello. I am Chris Ota, a full time Hawaii web and interface designer, part-time lecturer, and an AIGA Honolulu executive board member. I am passionate about user interfaces, front-end development, and SEO.

Let's work together to build something that is pixel perfect

The Process

  1. Step 01


    Before starting any project, I educate clients with basic concepts on how to make their business grow and be successful online. Your website isn’t something you should stress over!

  2. Step 02


    Intuitive user interface design combined with best practices is what I do. I consider the who, what, where, when, why, and how when others won’t. Let’s build something pixel perfect today.

  3. Step 03


    Improper code can prevent a website from working correctly on other browsers or ranking on search engines. From designing to building, I ensure things are implemented correctly the first time around.

  4. Step 04


    Many sites go neglected after launching. Just like a car or home, a website has to be maintained by studying analytics or by updating content to ensure a proper lifespan online. Let me be your technology mechanic!

  5. 🏆


    By following these basic steps, you can be assured your product will be successful online to help your business grow.

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