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Clearstream, a forward-thinking video ad platform company, needed a solution to manage campaigns with reporting dashboards. The app we built helped account managers optimize toward custom KPIs for Fortune 500 companies.

Design Approach

While wireframes and other technical aspects of the project were being reviewed, we worked with the client to create style tiles to establish a general look and feel. Approved styles were applied to wireframes, which reduced the time needed for mockups and allowed us to focus on development.

Style Tile
Style Tile
Landing Page

Main View: Active Campaigns

Design Challenge

The most difficult part of the project was trying to display large amounts of data for daily analysis by internal users while keeping the interface simple for client presentations. The main view was worked on the most, trying to achieve a balance with different use cases in mind.

Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation Page
Campaign Creation Page
Campaign Creation Page

Navigation Concept


Breadcrumb Navigation

Subsequent Views

Landing Page

Campaign Previews

Landing Page

Campaign Details

Landing Page

Campaign Chart

Landing Page

Campaign Timeline

After successfully completing the project, took the project in-house and continues to actively utilize what we originally designed and built for them.

Project Contribution

HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails
June - August 2014
Ikayzo, Inc.