クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddle


外形寸法:11.5' x 9' x 4.25'
重さ:1 lb, 8 oz
素材:Colombian Leather


クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddle,クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddleバレンシアガ 折りたたみ財布 BALENCIAGA 392125CQLON small zip walllet^アナスイ 財布 がま口 長財布 ブランド ANNA SUI 外口金長財布 小物 レディース おしゃれ リング 指輪 フレームパーティー 313033=レベッカミンコフ レディース 財布 アクセサリー Vanity Phone Wallet Almond,クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddle)【送料無料】馬蹄ネックレス プラチナ900 ペリドット ホースシュー ダイヤモンドペンダント ユニセックス 誕生日 2017 記念日 母の日 プレゼント pt900 8月 誕生石,バレンシアガ BALENCIAGA ジャイアントコンチネンタル 253054財布 カタオシ【中古】A品(クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddle!

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クレアチェイス ClaireChase メンズ バッグ ショルダーバッグ【Ultimate Manbag Extra Large】Saddle

My Work



Designed and built an internal dashboard reporting system for the Apple Maps Engineering team to display data from other tools used in the organization. Other team contributions included an internal design system, which assisted engineers with the styling of their applications.

User Experience Documentation, Design, HTML/CSS

Resort Design

A local hotel and resort chain wanted to refresh the look of their current site and rethink the user experience when looking for a room. We also worked closely with the client on widening their appeal to a broader audience by coming up with social media strategies.

Wireframes, Design


Being the largest local wireless provider in Hawaii, Mobi PCS wanted to wanted to provide the best online service to its customers by allowing them to check call history, data usage, pay bills, add plan features, and buy phones.

Working closely with our developers, I assisted in creating the bill-pay and plan selection features of the website. Since a style guide was provided, the design process was skipped and I went from wireframes to static HTML/CSS implementation.

Wireframes, HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails


Things Around SF

Since I am not a San Francisco native, I have become more aware of my surroundings and environment. To reflect this, I started an illustration series called "Things Around SF". Each illustration was created for fun in a couple of hours. Enjoy!

K18WG ダイヤモンドネックレス【中古】


Design System

I am creating a design system using SCSS @extends to make implementation of basic design components easier for designers and engineers easier. Building an interface shouldn't be made complex by installing a lot of dependencies so only a single SCSS file will be needed.

The design system is a work in progress and will include buttons, form layouts, table styling, color palettes, and much more. This will be made publicly available when it is ready.


Chris Ota Interface Designer

9 Years Ago...

I graduated from Kapiolani Community College with a degree in Interface Design and began my career working for different agencies in Hawaii. Wanting to be more active in the design community, I volunteered my time as a board member with AIGA Honolulu and taught front-end development at a local community college.

In 2015, I packed my bags and decided to move to San Francisco for a fresh start and to immerse myself in the world of design.

If I'm not running to k-pop, I'm watching a Miyazaki or anime flick, shopping for sneakers, or trying to save money for that Eames Lounge Chair.

Good design is long-lasting.


Medium Blogs

anima exists in all creation[animaブレスレット](シルバーアクセサリー/シルバーアクセ/シルバー/シルバー925/Silver925/銀/アニマ/ブレスレット/メンズ/ユニセックス/ガーネット/天然石/)